Friday, December 2, 2011

Resume Download YouTube videos with IDM

Most of you having experiences on downloading files from Internet, while you downloading them, if some errors can be occurred due to various problems such as network problems so the download process will stops. Moreover, you also need to download them at another time so that you stop download it and then resume it later. When you are going to resume download it later, it often say that it cannot resume the download. In this article, I will explain on how to resume download a video from YouTube using Internet Download Manager (IDM). However, you can also use this method for other downloads as well.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Unlock ZTE modems for FREE

Many broadband users usually buy ZTE modems with internet data packages from various network operators such as T-mobile, Three, Orange and Verizon for connecting to the internet. However, most of the mobile network companies lock their modems to avoid using with another network companies. Therefore, most of the people need to unlock their modems for using with other networks. In this article, I will discuss about unlocking ZTE HSDPA modems. Here, I used dccrap in this unlocking process so that before you connect the modem to the USB, you need to put an invalid operator SIM Card. Hence, the software can identify your modem for unlocking. Let's see how to do this process step by step. You can get unlocking software from the below links.

Monday, October 31, 2011

How to save streaming videos in youtube

While you are watching a video from YouTube or any other website, that video must be downloaded to a temporary folder on your computer. This process is called buffering. During the video is buffering, we can play the video from the web browser. Although, you can download these online videos by using Internet download manager (IDM). On the other hand, you can also download the above buffered video which is in the temporary folder. Videocacheview is a free application which can be used to download these buffered videos from the browser. Get the Videocacheview application from the given links below.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Decompile Android apk files

Nowadays, Android is the most famous mobile operating system from Google. So, there are lot of mobile phones existing Android OS such as Sony Ericsson, Samsung, HTC etc. Likewise, most of mobile application developers develops large number of applications and games for Android. Android application is a .apk file which can be installed in the mobile phone. When you developing Applications for android, sometimes you need to decompile an apk files to get their java codes and XML codes. You can download apk files from the internet, which can be either application software or game. Today, I am going to introduce a website which can be used to decompile an apk file to get their java codes and XML codes. The link of the website is below.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

How to delete files (more than million) easily

Deleting large number of files may take extremely long time. Moreover, It can be crashed the Windows explorer due to windows explorer does not responding. Therefore, we need a third party application for doing this task. However, recently I found a method to delete million of files easily within several minutes. In this method, I used a free software called FastCopy which can be used to not only deleting files, it originally made for copying files, moving files etc. Using FastCopy, I have deleted a directory which contained 300000+  files within 5 minutes. Download the FastCopy from below links.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Get a FREE VPN connection to hide your privacy

Hiding your privacy is extremely important in some cases while surfing on the internet. There are some methods for surfing on the internet anonymously such as using proxy and connecting to Virtual Private Network (VPN). You can use these methods for accessing any blocked websites in your country, school, institute or organization. For example, in your institute they have blocked facebook, Virtual Private Network can be used for accessing facebook. In this method, your actual IP Address will be hidden so that anyone can't identify your IP Address. Nowadays, there is a PROMOTION on for providing VPN connection for everyone, so you can connect to their VPN for free of charge. Visit their website from below link.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Measure your Bandwidth usage

Many people uses internet connections with limited amount of data that can be used per month. Therefore, bandwidth usage is very important when using internet connections. Otherwise, you have to pay more money to your ISP. There is a application called NetWorx which can be used to monitor the bandwidth usage and provide us charts for better control over our connection. In addition to monitoring bandwidth usage, Trace Route tool and the Ping tool is already integrated to NetWox, Trace Route is a network diagnostic tool which can be used to determine a path of a packet taking across the internet. Download the NetWorx using below links.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Make Online meeting and sharing Desktop using Mikogo

Mikogo is a FREE Web Conferencing and Desktop Sharing Application which can also be used for Remote Controlling another computer over the internet. You can easily create an online meeting or presentation to see for participants who lives anywhere in the World. In addition to these features, Mikogo can be used to share the Desktop of one Computer with another Computer and one can be Remotely controlled. This Remote Control feature is very important when fixing some Computer problems via internet within long distances. Get Mikogo from below links

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Unlock any Huawei Modem

Huawei internet modems are the most popular modems in the market. When you buy a modem from the market, it is probably locked to a single mobile operator such as T-mobile, 3, Orange, Vodafone or Verizon. Therefore, you can use that modem only with one operator. Sometimes, Locking to one operator is annoying for most of the modem users. So, You must unlock your Huawei modem to use with any SIM. Today, I'm going to discuss on unlocking a Huawei modem within several minutes. Using this method, unlock code can be easily calculated by entering the IMEI number of the modem.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Huawei e220 drivers for windows 7 64bit

Nowadays, many people uses Huawei HSDPA modems for connecting to the internet. Among huawei modems, E220 modem is very popular modem in the world since E220 have an internal antenna. However, sometimes when you install E220 modem on Windows Vista or 7 64bit, the modem doesn't detect by the system due to incompatible drivers. It's very difficult to install drivers on those kinds of systems. Therefore, I found a trick to install drivers on Windows Vista or 7 which can be used to detect E220 modem on your PC or laptop.

Increase internet Speed by 20%

Most of internet users require internet connection with a better speed so that they usually try to increase their internet speed. By default, In Windows operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 etc, the system reserves 20% of bandwidth from the internet connection for various services such as windows updates and some other updates. Therefore, we can tweak internet speed by getting this 20% of bandwidth since that reserved bandwidth may not be often used. If you enable this bandwidth reservation service, then you can change the bandwidth limit to 0%. However, if you disable this setting or not configure it, the system automatically reserves 20% from the bandwidth. Let us see how to increase the internet speed by getting reserved bandwidth.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Login to your computer using Webcam instead of typing password

Most of people use password protection to their computers for preventing unauthorized access. Therefore, the correct password must be typed in order to access to the system when the user login in to the computer. So this is also somewhat tedious and old way. However, with new technology, modern laptops such as Dell XPS laptops use face detection techniques for getting access to the system with webcam. There, user can previously enter his face details using the webcam. When login to the computer, it compares image of the face with the registered face and if both images are similar, then the system allows to access. Today, I will discuss on how to login to your computer or a laptop using the webcam instead of typing the password. Hence, i will introduce an application called Luxand Blink Pro for this purpose.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Save your laptop's battery up to 10%

Some laptop users get disappointed  because of the laptop battery is discharging quickly while using laptop without having AC power. Now there is a software for saving your laptop battery power up to 10%, this application called Battery Doubler. Normally, Battery Doubler doesn't use standard techniques such as Lowering the CD quality, dim screen light etc.  However, Battery Doubler determine what to shut down when it is not needed like Wireless application, USB port etc. Battery Doubler works on all windows operating systems but it works best with Windows 98 & ME.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Search images using Reverse image search engines

There are many search engines on the internet which can be used to search varies types of websites by entering a keyword to the search engine. However, Google is the most popular search engine in the World. These search engines perform several activities such as crawling, indexing, processing, calculating and relevancy and retrieving in order to deliver the desired search results. Unlike these search engines, there are several search engines which can be used to search images by uploading an image to the search engine instead of typing a keyword. These search engines are called Reverse Image search engines. Therefore, this technology can be used to find duplicate images on the internet. Suppose that your photos are copied by another person without having your permission and that person published photos to the internet, now you can search those photos using these reverse image search engines.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How to Upgrade Huawei E220 to supports up to 7.2Mbps

Nowadays, most of internet users use HSDPA modems for connecting to the internet. Among different types of modems Huawei E220 modem is very popular in the world. Unlike many other modems, E220 modems have an internal antenna so that it can be used in areas where has poor 3G signal strength. However, most of E220 modems supports up to 7.2Mbps download speed and some E220 modems supports up to 3.6Mbps download speed since they have older version of firmwares. Therefore, you can update the modem's firmware for increasing this 3.6Mbps to 7.2Mbps.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Use new Kaspersky 2012 Completely for FREE

Recently, Kaspersky leased their latest antivirus software which is Kaspersky 2012!. This new version contains both Kaspersky Anti-virus and Kaspersky Internet Security applications. Whether you’re working online or offline, at home or any where you’ll experience unbeatable protection with Kaspersky’s innovative hybrid approach to digital security. Kaspersky combined real-time protection information from the cloud with powerful security technologies installed on your PC to deliver a faster. In this article, I am going to show you how to use this Kaspersky new software completely free by extending the trial period after 30days trial period. I choose Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 for this step by step guidance.
 When resetting the trial period at the beginning, you need to disable self-defense feature in Kaspersky. Therefore, open the Kaspersky application and Click on the settings in the right hand side.
Get Kaspersky Trial Reset from below links.

Friday, August 26, 2011

How to reset Kaspersky Pure Trial activation period

 You can use kaspersky pure trial version without paying money
it is easy to reset the trial WITHING ONE MINUTE

1. Disable the Self defense

In oder to do this, open kaspersky and then click on setting

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Add subtitles to MP4 Video file

 In this post, i am going to discuss on adding subtitles to MP4 file which means merging subtitles to MP4 video files. Sometimes, you need to add subtitles to Mp4 so that this step by step guide will help you for doing this. Initially, prepare the Mp4 Video file which you need to add subtitles and get the corresponding subtitle file by searching on google. Download the application using below link and extract into a folder. After that you can see the content of the folder like below.

Download the application from this link

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Turn your browser into a computer (online PC) with ZeroPC

Sometimes you need to login into your computer via internet to get some files and folders. But it is somewhat difficult task. However, there is a website called ZeroPC offers online Desktop of a computer. You need to sign up for this service and then it allows you to login to this online computer. It contains many applications like our normal computer such as TextEditor, Video player, Audio player, Thinkfree office, File uploader and Messenger. After creating a account, it can be accessed from anywhere from the world so you can directly copy files from your actual PC to this online computer and after use it from anywhere.
Follow this link to enter to the ZeroPC 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Easily find and fix your computer's driver problems using DriverCure

When you install a new operating system to your Desktop computer or Laptop, most difficult thing is to find appropriate driver for hardwares. Normally, after installing new operating system, you need to find drivers for hardwares one by one from the internet and install them. Without searching these drivers one by one, you can use DriverCure which can scan your hardware and then it can automatically download appropriate driver for installing.
Normally run the DriverCure and click on Start Scan button to scan hardware of your computer. DriverCure will search hardware and it will display out dated drivers with red color. Get DriverCure from below links

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Resize window size of non-resizable application windows with ResizeEnable

When you running applications, you need to resize their window size for convenience. Sometimes, there are applications containing non-resizable application windows. In such a situation, you may face many problems.
We can remove this restriction from that application windows by using small utility called ResizeEnable. Normally, double click on ResizeEnable then it will display on the taskbar.
Get ResizeEnable from the link

How to get your old Facebook chat in Chrome

Recently, facebook added many new features like video calling and new chat box which is really annoying for most users since it does not  show all the online friends. I already discuss for getting back to the old facebook chat box while using a Firefox, so today, i am going to discuss on how get back to the old facebook chat .
Simply follow this link

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Delete files permenently and make them unrecoverable with Eraser

Most of people delete files when they do not need them, they often use default delete method. They use Shift+Delete to delete files completely from the hard drive. But when they delete files like this, they can be easily recovered using file recovery softwares such as Undelete, Easy Recvoery, GetDataBack and Recuva. You can delete files permanently from the hard disk using file deleting applications. Eraser is a complete tool for deleting files permanently and make them unrecoverable. Eraser contains up to 13 methods to securely delete files. Download Eraser from below links

Repair your computer's system software using MultiBoot CD

Have you ever encountered that your Computer does not boot normally? Therefore, you need to recover your data from the system before you format the Computer since the data located in the same Drive with the operating system has installed. So, easiest way to recover these data is booting the Computer with Live Bootable cd (emegency disk). I am going to discuss about Multiboot CD which contains many features for recovering data, resetting login passwords, partitioning drives, Memory testing and more.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Find all the Computers and Devices which connected to your WiFi Network

Nowadays, there are many wifi networks available in the world. Although, small wireless networks are available in houses and small organizations using Wifi routers. But, Most of wireless networks are enabled Wireless security feature for avoiding unauthorized access. When you maintaining a wireless network without enabling wireless security, Someone who near to you can also connect to your network. So, recently i found a small utility called Wireless Network Watcher which display all the Computers and Devices currently connected to your Network. It will not only display the name of device but also it displays MAC Addresses of the devices and the Manufacture of the Network card of the devices. Hence, this application can be used for finding computers and devices that currently connected to your Network when the Wireless Network has disabled Wireless Security feature. In addition to this, it can be used for selecting and assigning Network adapter which is in your computer to Connected Devices. Download Wireless Network Watcher from below links.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

View your saved passwords in Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer

Most of users login into their favorite websites such as facebook, myspace, twitter, ebay, gmail, yahoo etc. for several times per day. For convenience, they probably save(remember) their passwords in web browsers when they login in to websites. After remember their passwords, when they go to login pages, it will display the username and password as dots. Then they can login without typing passwords. In this article, i will discuss on how to get these remembered passwords in web browsers. I will give you small application pack for recovering your passwords from web browser.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Get free international calls from Evaphone

Nowadays, Most of people need to get not only local calls but also intentional calls. However, it costs a lot of money for getting international calls. You can use skype to get international calls from PC to PC for free and also you can get calls from PC to mobile phone. But, you need to buy credits for this PC to mobile phone. Today, i am going to introduce a website which offer worldwide calling facility. This Website is which offer 2 free calls per day if you register on Evaphone. On the other hand, evaphone can be used to 1 free call per day without registering. After registering, you can also buy credit and get calls for lowest rates. You can use your own knowledge for getting unlimited calls from this by changing your IP Address.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Disable Touchpad automatically while typing text

When we are typing in a Laptop, most of the time fingers may touch the touch pad. Therefore, the cursor position is moved to another location. Again, we have to move the cursor back to the correct position for typing. So, this is annoying thing and it also affects to the typing speed. Nevertheless, you can disable the touch pad by pressing Fn-key with another key (that vary with the brand of Laptop). On the other hand, disabling the touch pad and again enabling it is somewhat annoying. Hence, I have found smart free utility called TouchFreeze that is working with Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista and 7. If you install this software on your Laptop, it automatically disables the touch pad while typing text. Here, you need to do is only install the application that will display on the Taskbar.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Record your desktop and audio activity to a AVI video or SWF

I suppose that most of you have already seen software demonstration videos in youtube, metacafe and other video containing websites. They often record the computer screen activity while they perform the demonstrations. CamStudio is a pretty open source software which can Record all screen activities and audio activities on your computer and generate an AVI video. In addition to generate this AVI video, its build-in SWF producer can be used to convert these AVI file into SWF file (Flash video file). You can also add Screen annotations and Video Annotations to the desktop. Video annotations can be taken from webcam movie of yourself.

Best way to take Screen shots using FastStone Capture

Sometimes, you might need to get screen shots from your computer. So, in windows you can press PrintSreen Button to get a full screen image of the computer. Nevertheless, using this option we have to face many problems for example while taking screen shots of a scrolling window, you can only get the image of current screen of the computer. Although, when you want get image of only a active window, we can not use this PrintScreen feature. As alternative for this print screen feature recently i have found an application called FastStone Capture. It is a free software for non-commercial use. After getting screen shot, it can be edited using FastStone Editor which will automatically open when taking a screen shot. Get the FastStone Capture from below links.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to get your old Facebook chat

Facebook introduce new features rapidly. However, facebook introduce new chat box recently. Unfortunately, most users don't like this new chat box since it gets all the space in right side of the screen and show all the friends. I think you really need to get rid of new chat box to old one. So, let us see how to get the old chat box.
At the beginning, you need to install Greasemonkey Add-on to the Firefox browser. You can download this add-on from this link. Install the Add-on and then restart Firefox to apply new changes.

How to convert any Image To Notepad Text using Image2Text

Recently, i found small application called Image2Txt that can convert images into text format using PHP code. Also, it is very easy to use even for a person who do not have good knowledge about computers.  Resolution and character number settings determine the length of the characters in rows and columns. in resolution, the lowest value 2 provides the maximum possible resolution for the selected image. When you increase the value which greater then 2, the character’s size and resolution may reduced. Hence, at the beginning you need to do is simply install the application and click on the open image to load the image. Select any image and Change the Resolution value. After selecting a image it will display in the application. Then, click on the Convert button. When you click on the Convert button, it will convert the image into text so you can copy that the generated text into a text editor like Notepad.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Make your own WiFi Hotspot to Share Internet Connection in Windows7

Nowadays, many Laptops and Notebook Computers already comes with wireless connectivity(WiFi) so that you can easily connect with internet via Wireless Networks . As you already  know, If you have a Wireless router in your home, you can make your own WiFi hospot for giving internet connectivity to all the Wireless devices such as Laptops, Palmtops and Mobile phones. But, have you ever thought that you can make Wireless Network  without having Wireless Router? Therefore,today i will discuss how to make your own WiFi hotspot (Wireless Network) using a Laptop which having Wireless connectivity. Here, i am using a tiny application called Connectify. By using Connectify, you can turn the laptop into wireless access point even if you connect to the network with Local Area Connection (Wired connection). So, you can turn your wired internet connection to wireless. Get Connectify from below links.

How To Disable USB Ports To Prevent Malware Infection

Many people use USB flash drives for transfer files, they often plug their Flash drives for many computers. Therefore, most of the usb drives are contained malwares, viruses etc. On the other hand, these USB drives are the spreaders of that kind of malicious applications. If you can disable or lock USB port temporarily, they can not be able to plug their Flash drives to your Computer or Laptop. There are several ways for disabling USB ports such as using Regstry Editor, Disabling autorun and using software. Today i am going to discuss about how to disable and enable the USB ports. First, you need to go to Registry Editor (Start > Run > type " regedit " without having quotes).

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Control, Monitor and limit your internet traffic with NetLimiter

Get NetLimiter from Download for 32bit  Download for 64bit
Many Network monitoring applications are provided total network bandwidth to the user. But, if you use NetLimiter, it will give you the bandwidth usage of each application separately.For example, when you use Chrome browser and Firefox browser, you can find the how much bandwidth use by chrome and  how much bandwidth use by Firefox. Therefore, user can realize how much bandwidth consume by specific application which run on the PC.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Cutomize and Tweak your Windows with Winbubbles

Winbubble is a system tweaking application for Windows Vista and Windows 7. Also, winbubble is a free application and it can be used for many customizations in Windows. Run the Winbubble, then you will see 10 tabs, they are Genaral, Specific, Icons, Windows7, Security, Optimize, Tools, More policies, IE and Tip and Tricks.In the Genaral tab, you can change OEM setting and owner information. Althogh, you can add more options to explorer's context menu (Right-Click Menu), below that, 10 Desktop customizations are existed. Get winbubble from below links.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Measure the battery life of your Notebook Computer with Battery Eater Pro

Get Battery Eater Pro Download
Battery life is very important parameter when considering Notebook Computers. So, if can measure battery life of your Laptop, you can manage your work using Laptop when the power is not available. Battery Eater is a smart utility which can measures battery life of your Laptop. While testing, it heavily loads CPU,HDD , Video Card and RAM  Also, Battery Eater is a free software. This application also shows AC status, battery name,type and manufacture.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Check your Computer's hardware informations with HWiNFO

Get HWiNFO from Download
We need to check our Computer Hardware information's for varies reasons such as finding drivers, replacing hardware etc. There are many tools available for doing this purpose, HWiNFO is a nice application for getting hardware information from your Computer. HWiNFO  has 32bit distribution as well as 64 bit distribution, also HWiNFO is a FREEWARE so you can use and distribute it for FREE.

Friday, July 22, 2011

How to install Windows 7 completely within 18 MINUTES

Many people have encountered the problem of time wasting while installing Windows 7. Becourse, sometimes it takes more than 50 minutes to complete the Windows installation process. I supposed that you also face to this problem during Windows installation. Recently, I installed Windows 7 for my laptop within 18 minutes by using simple trick. So, today i will explain this step by step procedure. Here, i used USB drive for Booting, my previous post was explained How to install Windows 7 using USB Drive . You have to open the Task Manager while installing Windows and need to give a high priority to the setup. Let us see how to do it, follow the instructions below.

How to install Windows 7 using a USB drive

Recently I needed to re-install Windows 7 for my laptop. So, as usually, I got my Windows 7 DVD and tried to boot the laptop from DVD.  Unfortunately, My DVD drive does not detect any CD or DVD since the DVD drive is not working properly. I tried to do it many times, even check my boot drive priority. But the DVD drive does not detect the Windows 7 DVD. Therefore, I decided to install Windows 7 using my USB drive. Now I am going to explain step by step guidelines with screenshots that I taken. To install Windows 7, you need to have at least 4GB pen drive and Windows 7 installation DVD. In here, you need to perform some commands using Command Prompt.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Google chrome OS Beta available for download

Google Chrome OS is expected to be available for users in the second half of 2010.If it is too irrestible for you to wait for Google Chrome OS, check out the beta version of the OS.Seems as if as always Google is bang on the target.This version is based on Open SUSE.You can download the ISO image to install it on your hard disk or use virtualisation software like VMware or VirtiualBox.

How to build your own website FREE with

We can make a website for FREE with If you have a website, then you can write many thing as you want to publish to the world. Therefore, today i am going to right this article for making a website for free.  It make just 5 minutes to build the website. You can easily sign up with this website and confirm the activation by using the email which will send by byehost. You need to follow this step by step instruction for doing that.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Update your Kaspersky PURE manually without having internet connection

Today, Most of the people have internet connections to achieve their daily online tasks such as checking EMails, downloading files, Surfing the internet, online shipping and  Social Networking. However, some people have a computer but they do not have internet connections. When you are using Virus scanning application like Kaspersky PURE, you have to update their data base regularlly to get better protections your computer for avoiding virus attacks or Any other malware attacks. Therefore, today i am going to write this article to update Kaspersky PURE without having internet connection. Here you need to download update database files from Kaspersky website.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How to Change your network card’s MAC address in Windows using Etherchange

We use some security systems on our Home/ Private Networks. Increase the use of Wireless Networking within the community, there are some security measures are included in to the Wireless routers to block unauthorized access. Most popular method is the MAC filtering. MAC stands for Medium Access Control that an unique identifier given to most Network Cards without considering whether it is Wireless or Wired. 

How to remove the unwanted Network Adapters via Device Manager

There are many Network Interfaces exist in your computer other than Wireless Network Connection and Local Area Connection. This can be happened, when you select tunneling for internet browsing or adding Virtual WiFi Networks etc. However, when you go to the Network Sharing Center and Select unwanted Network Interfaces try to delete them . But, you will see it can not be deleted.
The extra network can appear like this:
Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection*6
Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection* 7
Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection* 8
VirtualBox Host-Only Network
Wireless Network Connection 3

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How to Copy & Paste Text from CMD or Command Prompt Window

This is a simple trick but i can be useful sometimes when you dealing with command prompt. If you need to copy text from CMD then you can use this tip.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Build bootable Live USB drive for Ubuntu, Fedora and other Linux distributions using UNetbootin

UNetbootin helps you to make bootable Live USB drives for Linux based operating systems such as Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS, FreeBSD etc. Unbootin is a free tool and it runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. UNetbootin can make a bootable Live USB drive or it can make a "frugal install" on the hard drive. UNbootin uses ISO(CD image) files for making this bootable Live USB drives.

puTTY is client software for SSH,Telnet, raw TCP and rlogin

Putty is a terminal emulator application so that it can work as a client for Telnet, raw TCP, SSH and rlogin. This is free software, so you can use it for your any purpose. You can down load PuTTY from here Download .
Simply run the application and then enter the ip address and port, then select what computing Protocol type that you need when using puTTY as a client.
Click on Open button then it will open a black color window as shown in following figures.

Get Your free Virtual Debit Card now

Download Drivers from

In, there is over 1,600,000 driver software available for download, so if you want to download drivers for your hardware, keep in mind to search that in this website. There can have drivers for sound cards, vga cards, motherboards, audio devices, Bluetooth devices, webcams etc. If do not know about the hardware but still you can see its chip number that s on the chip, you can also use that for search drives.
Not only for new hardware drivers but also for old hardware drivers are available in this website. You can register this site for free

when searching for a driver