Wednesday, August 3, 2011

View your saved passwords in Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer

Most of users login into their favorite websites such as facebook, myspace, twitter, ebay, gmail, yahoo etc. for several times per day. For convenience, they probably save(remember) their passwords in web browsers when they login in to websites. After remember their passwords, when they go to login pages, it will display the username and password as dots. Then they can login without typing passwords. In this article, i will discuss on how to get these remembered passwords in web browsers. I will give you small application pack for recovering your passwords from web browser.
For Google Chrome, Chromepass can be used. Get Chromepass
After run this application you will get passwords.

For Firefox, Passwordfox can be used. Get Passwordfox Download
For internet explorer, IE PassView can be used. Get IE PassView Download
For opera, Operapassview can be used. Get Operapassview Download
You can also use webbrowserpassview link
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