Saturday, August 6, 2011

Delete files permenently and make them unrecoverable with Eraser

Most of people delete files when they do not need them, they often use default delete method. They use Shift+Delete to delete files completely from the hard drive. But when they delete files like this, they can be easily recovered using file recovery softwares such as Undelete, Easy Recvoery, GetDataBack and Recuva. You can delete files permanently from the hard disk using file deleting applications. Eraser is a complete tool for deleting files permanently and make them unrecoverable. Eraser contains up to 13 methods to securely delete files. Download Eraser from below links

When you want to delete a file permanently, install eraser and then Right click on the file which will be deleted and click on the Eraser then select Erase.
Go to the Eraser and click on Erase schedule, then Double-click on the currently deleting file. This is an optional step but you can see small window that erasing the file.
When you delete file using Eraser, it overwrites the sectors of the hard disk with junk data over again continuously so this deleting process may take some time depending on your system hardware's and the number of files and folders in the hard disk. Click on the settings tab to change settings. Here, you can specify a method for deleting files.

Get Eraser from this link

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