Sunday, July 28, 2013

Online Banking Account from

These days online banking systems are mostly used by buyers throughout the globe to buy products, make payments for services, receiving money from overseas and more. There are world famous websites available as online banking such as Payapal, Skrill and Payza. Today, I am going to introduce Payza for your online banking transactions. payza is a most secured online banking website.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Recover your Deleted, Formatted and Lost files


We delete files on computer when they are no longer needed. However, sometimes we accidentally delete some files which are important for us. Most people delete files permanently (shift+ delete) but when you normally delete files that are available in recycle bin so they can be restore easily. When you permanently delete a file, it does not actually remove from the memory since it deletes only the pointer which associated to that file however after copying another files into the location of deleted file, the deleted file will be removed forever. GetDataBack can also be used for recover files after Format the drive. Therefore, we can recover the file after permanently delete it but before another files will copied into that drive. There are so many software’s available for recovering deleted files, but i am going to concern about free Data Recovery tool called GetDataBack. Mainly it has two editions such as GetDataBack for NTFS and GetDataBack for FAT.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Resume Download YouTube videos with IDM

Most of you having experiences on downloading files from Internet, while you downloading them, if some errors can be occurred due to various problems such as network problems so the download process will stops. Moreover, you also need to download them at another time so that you stop download it and then resume it later. When you are going to resume download it later, it often say that it cannot resume the download. In this article, I will explain on how to resume download a video from YouTube using Internet Download Manager (IDM). However, you can also use this method for other downloads as well.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Unlock ZTE modems for FREE

Many broadband users usually buy ZTE modems with internet data packages from various network operators such as T-mobile, Three, Orange and Verizon for connecting to the internet. However, most of the mobile network companies lock their modems to avoid using with another network companies. Therefore, most of the people need to unlock their modems for using with other networks. In this article, I will discuss about unlocking ZTE HSDPA modems. Here, I used dccrap in this unlocking process so that before you connect the modem to the USB, you need to put an invalid operator SIM Card. Hence, the software can identify your modem for unlocking. Let's see how to do this process step by step. You can get unlocking software from the below links.

Monday, October 31, 2011

How to save streaming videos in youtube

While you are watching a video from YouTube or any other website, that video must be downloaded to a temporary folder on your computer. This process is called buffering. During the video is buffering, we can play the video from the web browser. Although, you can download these online videos by using Internet download manager (IDM). On the other hand, you can also download the above buffered video which is in the temporary folder. Videocacheview is a free application which can be used to download these buffered videos from the browser. Get the Videocacheview application from the given links below.