Sunday, September 20, 2015

Map keyboard key to a different key when keys are not working

Sometimes your computer or laptop's keyboard arises problems with pressing keys, when they are unusable. Lets think about, your Enter key is not working. Then what should you do?  Many people has stuck with this issue. Therefore, to overcome this particular problem, you have to map your Enter key into another key. for example, you can map your enter key to pg dn button or what ever. Today I'm going to discuss on mapping a keyboard key into other key using application called SharpKeys. You can download SharpKeys from here

1. Download the SharpKeys application and install it to the computer. 

2. Click add button to add a mapping then select the key that you want to map to another key from the left side panel and select the other key from the right side panel . (In my case, I'm going to map right side control button to arrow up key)

Here, you can click the Type Key button in the window and press the relevant key from the keyboard.

3. After, click on OK button and now you have to write this change to the windows registry. So, to do that, click on the Write to Registry button.
 NOTE: You must reboot your pc to apply the changes.  

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