Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Recover your Deleted, Formatted and Lost files

We delete files on computer when they are no longer needed. However, sometimes we accidentally delete some files which are important for us. Most people delete files permanently (shift+ delete) but when you normally delete files that are available in recycle bin so they can be restore easily. When you permanently delete a file, it does not actually remove from the memory since it deletes only the pointer which associated to that file however after copying another files into the location of deleted file, the deleted file will be removed forever. GetDataBack can also be used for recover files after Format the drive. Therefore, we can recover the file after permanently delete it but before another files will copied into that drive. There are so many software’s available for recovering deleted files, but i am going to concern about free Data Recovery tool called GetDataBack. Mainly it has two editions such as GetDataBack for NTFS and GetDataBack for FAT.