Thursday, August 4, 2011

Find all the Computers and Devices which connected to your WiFi Network

Nowadays, there are many wifi networks available in the world. Although, small wireless networks are available in houses and small organizations using Wifi routers. But, Most of wireless networks are enabled Wireless security feature for avoiding unauthorized access. When you maintaining a wireless network without enabling wireless security, Someone who near to you can also connect to your network. So, recently i found a small utility called Wireless Network Watcher which display all the Computers and Devices currently connected to your Network. It will not only display the name of device but also it displays MAC Addresses of the devices and the Manufacture of the Network card of the devices. Hence, this application can be used for finding computers and devices that currently connected to your Network when the Wireless Network has disabled Wireless Security feature. In addition to this, it can be used for selecting and assigning Network adapter which is in your computer to Connected Devices. Download Wireless Network Watcher from below links.

Click on F5 button to refresh and then it will again searching for recently connected devices to the Network.

To assign Network adapter to specific device, select the device and then click on Options and click on Advanced Optons. Put a tick on use the following network adapter and select a adapter.

  I used this option, when connected my sony ericsson phone to my Laptop and i changed the Network Adapter from 82562GT 10/100 to Broadcom 802.11g.

You can download Wireless  Network Watcher using this link

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