Friday, September 9, 2011

Save your laptop's battery up to 10%

Some laptop users get disappointed  because of the laptop battery is discharging quickly while using laptop without having AC power. Now there is a software for saving your laptop battery power up to 10%, this application called Battery Doubler. Normally, Battery Doubler doesn't use standard techniques such as Lowering the CD quality, dim screen light etc.  However, Battery Doubler determine what to shut down when it is not needed like Wireless application, USB port etc. Battery Doubler works on all windows operating systems but it works best with Windows 98 & ME.

Get Battery Doubler from here

Simply download the application and install it to the laptop then it will show on the taskbar. Hence, click on the Battery Doubler icon in the taskbar. Choose Main Menu and it will open the Main Menu of the application.

 By default, Turbo charge mode is disabled so you can enable it when you need to recharge the battery quickly. It recharge the battery more faster than normal.
You can also calibrate the battery using Battery Doubler. Click wizards tab on the Main Menu and then click on Recalibrate Battery
In the Autonomy Tab, you can choose Maximum autonomy option which will lower CPU usage when possible. 
In addition to this configurations, Options Tab can be chosen to change Advanced configurations to achieve a lot of autonomy, Battery Doubler can make your battery consumes almost 8 hours if your computer supports ACPI or better. There you can change four selections
Lower hard disk spin (up to 60% less speed)
Cut down screen power (up to 75% less luminosity)
Low down CD/DVD usage (40% slower)
Reduce processor speed (50% slower)

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