Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Make Online meeting and sharing Desktop using Mikogo

Mikogo is a FREE Web Conferencing and Desktop Sharing Application which can also be used for Remote Controlling another computer over the internet. You can easily create an online meeting or presentation to see for participants who lives anywhere in the World. In addition to these features, Mikogo can be used to share the Desktop of one Computer with another Computer and one can be Remotely controlled. This Remote Control feature is very important when fixing some Computer problems via internet within long distances. Get Mikogo from below links

Follow the step by step instructions below for using Mikogo
Create a new account in Mikogo website, its completely free of charge. After registering the account, your login details will received shortly through an Email.
Install the Mikogo to the Computer and then it will automatically run the Application so that the small Mikogo window will appear in the Desktop.
This application also required to install on other Computer that you want to share the Desktop. Then, using the above generated Session key the other person can Join to the Session. There after,  both Computers can be connected together. There, you can change the Presenter and Control to share the Desktop as you need. Also, you need to give permission to other person for accessing data and remote controlling. 
Here, the applications which are running on your PC can be control while sharing the Desktop. Simply you can check the differences by seleting them un-seleting them.
In the Setting Section, it can be changed the Picture quality of the shared Desktop and some other features.
Download Mikogo from here

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