Friday, July 22, 2011

How to install Windows 7 completely within 18 MINUTES

Many people have encountered the problem of time wasting while installing Windows 7. Becourse, sometimes it takes more than 50 minutes to complete the Windows installation process. I supposed that you also face to this problem during Windows installation. Recently, I installed Windows 7 for my laptop within 18 minutes by using simple trick. So, today i will explain this step by step procedure. Here, i used USB drive for Booting, my previous post was explained How to install Windows 7 using USB Drive . You have to open the Task Manager while installing Windows and need to give a high priority to the setup. Let us see how to do it, follow the instructions below.

Prepare your USB Drive containing Windows set up (If you don't know how to use USB Drive for this purpose, see my previous post )
Restart your PC and Boot the pc using USB Drive, it will display the setup is loading. Then you will see the below screen. Here, you can change the language, time & currency format and key board or input method
 choose required settings and click on Next to continue.

Now you will see below screen. Here you are allowed to install or repair Windows 7. Since you are going to install Windows 7, click on the Install Now button. 

Now, it will show you the license terms, Tick  the I accept license terms and click Next to continue. Then you will be presented two options which are Upgrade and Custom (Advanced). Since you are going to install  clean install Windows 7, Choose Custom(Advaced).

Choose the partition that you are going to install Windows7 if you have more than one partiton in your Hard Disk . Now, you will see the window as shown in figure below. After choosing the partition, If you need to Format the partiton, Click on the Drive options (advanced) (you can create New partition here if you want). Then click Next to continue.

Click on Next to continue the set  up as shown in figure below.

Windows 7 Setup will start the instakking process and copy all the required files to your Hard Disk. This is the best time to apply my trick.

Let you click Shift + f10 and it will open the command prompt(CMD), Just type taskmgr on the CMD and press Enter as in the figure below.

It will open the Task Manager, Right click on the install windows and select Go To Process, see the figure below.

Now you will see the below figure, again Right click on the setup.exe and go to Set priority. Now you can change the priority to Real time. See the figure for convenience. 

Now, close the Task Manager and Command prompt. You will the setup is running very quickly and complete the whole installation process within less than 20 minutes. In my case, i would be able to install Windows 7 within 18 minutes........

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