Monday, July 4, 2011

Convert Your RAM Into Graphic Card

This tutorial should help you get started with using the basic features in 3D Analyze. Most games will use roughly the same settings in order for it to run, but some games will require specialized settings. This tutorial will not cover that, but if you come across a game such as this you can search the forums for help or experiment with settings yourself to try and get the game to run.

So, how to use 3D Analyze:

1. Download 3D Analyze 2.36, you can get it from the 'Downloads' page.
2. Extract 3D Analyze to a folder, and run 3D Analyze.exe.
3. Once it has opened click on 'SELECT', and browse for the .exe file for the game you want to run.
4. You will usually want to tick all of the options under 'Hardware Limits'. Some games only need 'emulate HW TnL caps', so
you might need to experiment around.
5. Try running the game by clicking on 'RUN'. If it doesn't work, then there are a million things to try. I'll only list a few.
6. Some games will also need you to check 'force SW TnL' under 'Performance'. Not all games need it though, since 'force SW
TnL' roughly equates to 'emulate HW TnL'.
7. Specific games have built-in solutions, so if you're playing one of the games listed under 'Game/Demo Fixes', check the game
you're playing.
8. Some games will only recognize certain 3D card brands and models. If so, enter the values of the given cards in the 'VendorID'
and 'DeviceID' section. Only 4 types/models can be emulated though, so experiment around with the 4 values given.
9. If it still doesn't work, then check and search the forums. Someone might have discovered the settings you need.
10. If, and only if there are no previously discovered settings, post a new message asking for help.

You can download 3DAnalyzer from here Download
you can Virtually emulate NVIDIA GeForce TI 4600,NVIDIA GeForce FX 4900 ULTRA,ATi Radeon 8500, ATi Radeon 9800 PRO
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