Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How to Change your network card’s MAC address in Windows using Etherchange

We use some security systems on our Home/ Private Networks. Increase the use of Wireless Networking within the community, there are some security measures are included in to the Wireless routers to block unauthorized access. Most popular method is the MAC filtering. MAC stands for Medium Access Control that an unique identifier given to most Network Cards without considering whether it is Wireless or Wired. 

MAC address format
Examples of a MAC addresses are:

You can get your Network Card's MAC Address easily
Click on Start > Run   
Then type "CMD " without quotes and press Enter
Your MAC address will be listed under the “Physical Address” heading.

This guide will show you how to change the MAC address of a network card in Windows. 
1. Download Etherchange to your computer from here
2. Save the downloaded file to D:     (Any location you like)
   Click on START > RUN then type "CMD" (without quotes) and press ENTER
3. In the CMD window, Change the current directory to the location of the Etherchange (In my case type D: and press ENTER )

4. Type Start etherchange and Press ENTER.
It will open a windows, select the Network Card by typing a number such as 1 OR 2
(Ex: You need to change Local area connection's MAC then choose 1)

5. Type 1 to Specify a new ethernet address.
6. Now you can type your new MAC address as you wish. It is a Hexadecimal number with 12 charactors. (Ex: 080027E02BD2)

7. Press ENTER, it advise you that the change was successsful. 
Now you have to Disable your Network card and Re-enable for applying new settings.
Go to Control Panel > Network and sharing Center > select change adapter settings

8. Right click on the Adapter that you wish to change the MAC, Select Disable

9. Double click on the Adapter you wish to change the MAC to Re-enable it

10. Go to the CMD and type ipconfig /all hit ENTER.

You are done, See your new MAC ..........!!!

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