Monday, July 4, 2011

Join avi.001 files and Split files into parts with HJ-Split

Sometimes, you need to split files into parts and join parts to make original file. So, there is nice free software for doing this purpose called HJ-Split. Therefore, you can use this software for absolutely free. when to download films from internet, mostly using file sharing website, Original file is available in many parts with extension .001 (avi.001) , .002 and so on.
You can download Hj-Split from here for Windows version click Download
for Linux version click Download
When you want to join small part together to build original file, you can run this Hj-Split and Click on Join button then it open a window so that you can give input file as the .001 part (Do not give the other parts like .002, .003 etc). Also you can select the location for the output file as you wish.

When you need to split your original file into parts, then click on the Split button and select the original file as an input file, also you can change the location of output files that will be saved. Also can check there are other two buttons are presented compare and checksum
Using compare button you can compare two files while checksum button can be used for get checksum value of a file.

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